Three Indomitable Spirits….‏By Ernie Os

Three Indomitable Spirits….

Three Indomitable Spirits....‏By Ernie OsStory by Professor: Ernie Os

San Diego, CA March 26, 2012 – Recently I came across an article that summarizes 3 amazing success stories of real-life. I felt extremely motivated after reading this article, and I believe that you will be the same.

Oprah Winfrey – Street urchin to talk show host extraordinary

What would you say of a child who was born to a single 13-year-old mother who was struggling to survive on the streets? What would you say if I told you that this child became the victim of multiple physical and sexual abuses before the age of thirteen herself? She later became pregnant and gave birth to a still-born baby.

She often got into trouble with the law before the age of fifteen. You wouldn’t bet too much hope on her future would you? What if I told you that this person was Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest and most successful women in the United States? And she is an Afro-American as well. Before this, I have also posted about Oprah Winfrey, you ca

You can read the full cover story here, very inspiring, The Oprah Winfrey Success Story.

Christopher Reeve -Superman to Paraplegic…and now an Inspiration to all

Now, think of Christopher Reeve.

Christopher Reeve

Many of us remember Reeves as invincible Superman. He not only had super strength but super powers, he could literally fly. More than that, Christopher Reevehad the fantastic physique to make the role he played to super stardom, magical and believable.

Then, in 1994, a tragic horse riding accident left Reeve paralyzed from the neck down for life! Initially, the meaning he attached to the accident was that his life was over and that he would be a burden to everyone.

Utterly depressed Reeve wanted his doctors to take him off life support and allow him to die. It was his wife who asked him to give himself (and his family) two years. If, at the end of the two years, he felt the same way, they would find a way to let him go.

But as Reeve‘s rehabilitation began, surrounded by his very loving and supportive family and friends, he started to attach a totally different meaning to his disability. He began to see that he (because of his fame) could become an inspiration and symbol to all those who are suffering from various disabilities, and who have lost hope.

The meaning he gave to his experience put him in a resourceful state. As he continued to bear his massive disability stoically and improve, bit by bit, he started to write what went to become a best-selling book called ‘Nothing is Impossible’.

Though imprisoned in his body, Reeve gave hundreds of moving speeches and inspiring seminars; he even directed a movie and won an academy award.

Millions around the world have been inspired by Reeve indomitable spirit and he has raised millions through the Christopher Reeve foundation.

 Lucca Movaldi

Lucca-EnglishLucca Movaldi’s story is also a marathon of incredible events. Always an entrepreneur, Lucca was involved in many different projects in his native California. He did everything from producing music records and promoting artists to helping people with their credit problems thus helping them start a new life.  Always pursuing the American Dream, he had an unfortunate nightmare one unfaithful day. A vandal shot him in the face after a frustrated robbery attempt. Most people would see this as a tragedy and never, in their wildest dreams, would they see themselves traveling to another continent. Never forgetting his dreams, he began a telephone teaching academy of languages, revolutionizing what we know today as on-line educational linguistics.

In all of our lives, there will always come a time when things seem unfair, that no matter how hard we work for something, we did not get what we believed we deserved. Many people allow events such as these to destroy their self-esteem, their faith and belief about themselves and the essential goodness of others.

If you let all the events that are happening around you control your life, then you will never EVER achieve any success. You have to control and take charge of your life. Sometimes, even if something terrible happens to you, you may still choose to look at it from the brighter side. This is a post that can change your life forever, Event + Response = Outcome.

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3 comentarios en “Three Indomitable Spirits….‏By Ernie Os

  1. Hi Ernest, I liked so much the class because we could discuss about different situations, different problems and different solutions. I learned useful vocabulary and new idioms and I had the opportunity to learn about people very brave.On the other hand, I didn't like being aware of how terrible the life can be.An this is all.Thank you very much.t.t. student

    Me gusta

  2. Hi Ernest,Today the class have been very productive and interesting for me . The subject about we have been speaking today is like a real life .Thanks for to share this article with me.Regards,Sonia

    Me gusta

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