Improve your pronunciation with songs

It´s karaoke time for all our dear t.t. fighters !!!!

Here are some nice songs to improve your English language skills.
Did you know that singing is one of the best methods to correct and improve pronunciation? try it !
You´ll hear what a difference it makes.

We have picked some interesting songs with lyrics on our you tube-telephoneteacher sing and learn English! channel.

In the meantime, try singing these songs,  challenge yourself!

If you want to practice it with a telephone teacher call us to: 911 014 146 Lucca is a great voice Coach+ English Teacher. Learn it and sign it your way!

Remember breath deeply and relax your throat and muscles….

This one is perfect to sing with your kids……

And who doesn´t like this one…….

Here´s an old time favorite……..Learn it and sign it your way!

How about this one to…….


                  This is a hard one ok? challenge yourself I know you can!!


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