Escape From New York… “The Great Betrayal”.

By: Prf. Ernest O.

When I talk to Spanish students for the first time and ask them about America,
if they have ever visited The United States or if they would like to and where, there´s always
one city that comes up in conversation: New York.
New York,…The City So Nice, They Named It TWICE, “The Big Apple”,
“The City That Never Sleeps and for Batman and Robin, “Gotham”…
What is there NOT to like about New York?, Broadway: the lights, the arts…
The largest Subway System in the World (NYC has the largest subway
system in the world, operating underground since 1904.), its iconic
Statue of Liberty: always a symbol of The American Dream…
The shopping in Manhattan…The New York Times.
The New York Times?
You mean the newspaper that rejected King Juan Carlos´ plead to “be nice”
when referring to Spain and it´s economic tragedy?The New York Times?
The newspaper that published a “Yellow Pressed” article about Spain´s
austerity and depicted the country with bias photographs and onesided captions?
And after all the love that Iberia has for New York, this, this is a betrayal in my book.
History tells about many great “backstabs”…
Austrian army officer Alfred Redl during World War 1, Redl worked as a
spy for the Russian military and sold secrets about the Austrian army.
The results were catastrophic for the Austrian army: his actions contributed to the
deaths of half a million Austrians.
Redl committed suicide after Austrian police discovered his betrayal.
Harold Cole was the deputy commander of Scotland Yard during the end of
the World War 2 and is considered one of the worst traitors of the war.
He was responsible for divulging information to the Gestapo (German security police
organized under the Nazi control) about the French resistance escape lines,
which he had helped create.
He was shot dead after capture by French police in 1946.
What about the end of Roman emperor Julius Caesar when his own nephew,
Brutus, took part in the murder plot against him? Brutus accompanied a group
of senators who savagely attacked Caesar. Caesar didn’t see it coming – the iconic
line, “Et tu, Brutus?”, “You too, Brutus?” is one that will always remind us of Julius Cesar.
The whole shameful betrayal was also the subject of a little Shakespearean play you may have heard of.
Well maybe The New York Times´ journalist S. Daley isn´t related to Brutus or Harold Cole,
but her dimly lighted reflection of the economy in Spain almost suggests that Spain is the only
country in the world with hunger and unemployment.
Let´s forget about New York and Shakespearean drama and close our eyes and imagine that
we´re on the other side of the United States.
How about a daydream into San Diego, :”America´s Finest City”?
One of the world´s most important cultural borders and a birth place of
“The American Dream”.
A place where sandals and beachwear take the place of black suits and dress shoes.
California… “The Beach Boys”, barbecues, beautiful people, the best weather in the
world,and oh yeah, a place  that has  influenced every human on Earth, a place called Silicon Valley.
I lived in Andalucia for 6 months and I never saw some of the things I see in these pictures.
Stereotypes are very dangerous and I´m concerned about the thoughts of people who read
sensationalist articles of this type, they are not seeing the reality of this great country.
So maybe next time you plan a trip to “The States” you should book a flight to the friendly
part of America a place appropriately named after a saint “Diego”.
P.S. Here´s the N.Y. Times Article:


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