Phrases in Business English To Stay Away From – A Big No, No!

Overusing fancy words in business can become boring and annoying to other colleagues. So read some of the most overused expressions you need to understand but should to stay away from. ( Or maybe not) It is all up to you. So here is my thought, If you have never included them on your vocabulary, why not practicing them and annoy colleages? Just a thought. Anyway, it never hurts to enrich your vocabulary don´t you think? Especially when you need to express an idea, it is all about becoming a good communicator. man-338999_1920

‘Going forward’ –  meaning to say: from now on…..

‘ Drill down’ –  It is to move deeper into a chain of data, from summary information to detailed data.

‘On my plate ‘ – To work on a pending  task to finish. To have a lot of work to do or a lot to cope with.

‘Best of breed  ‘ – The best of class, the most successful technology in a field.

‘Low-Hanging fruit ‘ –  To prioritize starting with the easier tasks by doing the simplest work first.

‘Dive deeper’ – An in depth exploration of a subject.

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