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´´ I have been in many academies to improve my English skills, but none so outstanding  as Telephoneteacher.´
I´ll tell you why in six little points:

1.- Talk & Listen.
    I have a lot of troubles speaking English. I didn´t note any improve in my conversation level when I was in other academies, moreover, I never felt able to express myself in English. But now, thank to you, I´m not afraid.
    You respect the times and make me to improve my conversation skills more and more. Little by little, step by step.
2.- Vocabulary.
    Overall the most common used vocabulary. When we are reading or talking, you highlight all the most used words in the common language and you teach me their meanings and how I can use them easily.
    I learn more than ten new words in each class, and more than ten new expressions. And the only thing I have to do is paying attention to you, incredible!
3.- Grammar.
    The reading of the news and articles you send me make me to improve my grammar skills.
    We have read different types of articles: historical articles, current affairs articles, funny articles, incredible articles and amazing stories.
    I want to congratulate you for your articles, stories and news. I don´t know where you find it, but It makes me improve better and better, not only makes me to improve the english lenguage also it makes me to improve my social-cultural knowledges of America and the rest of the world.
4.- Webcasts & Newsletters.
    Every Thursdays I recive a new mail and I read it. When I have trouble undestanding something of this mail, I ask you in our class and you clarify my doubt (you clean up my doubt).. What else can I request?!!
5.- Homework.
    The homework makes me to improve my writing skills in English.
    You know that the people hate homework, me too. But I need to improve more and more, so I trust in you and if you give me homework, I´ll do it.
    And the homework you give me is always interesting, I can remember Hector Black, Rosa Parks, Superman, business idioms, etc.
6.- ERNEST!!
    I think the teacher is the most important in this system, and I only have good words for you and your work.
    I love your system, it´s funny and very interesting.
    I think you know my necessities (I´ll go abroad on first of October to live and work), I trust I´ll go abroad with better English level with your help, only with your help Ernest.
    You are GREAT!! Your personality and your work makes me truth you to achieve my dreams.
Thank you for all and…. ´´
¡¡¡HALA MADRID!!! Abril

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