Idiom of the day:

La expresión del día es: to have a bee in one’s Bonnet

Pero,  ¿Qué significa este idiom? Una persona que tiene: ´´ a bee on his/her Bonnet´´,  es cuando una persona tiene un pensamiento constantemente dándole vueltas en su cabeza. O como se dice popularmente: ´´Tener la mosca tras la oreja´´.  *Un bonnet es un sombrero que se usaba antiguamente.

Más información: Bonnet is a term for a wide variety of styles of headgear for both sexes, but most often female, which has been in use from the Middle Ages to the present. It is impossible to generalize as to the styles for which the word has been used, any more than for the alternatives of hat or cap, but there is for both sexes a tendency to use the word for styles in soft material and lacking a brim. However the term has also been used, for example, for steel helmets. This was from Scotland (in 1505), where the term has long been especially popular.[1] Bonnet derives from the same word in French, where it originally indicated a type of material. In the 21st century, only a few kinds of headgear are still referred to as bonnets, most commonly those worn by babies and Scottish soldiers..